Out Patient Department functions all week days. 
Mon-Sat 9AM-1PM and 4:30PM-8PM

We treat conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat (larynx and pharynx),
All our staff are committed to providing the highest standards of care. 
We regularly audit our practice and act upon constructive comments in order to improve 
the service we provide.
We offer a range of surgery and treatments including:

Conditions of the ear:
 Conditions and surgery of the ear
 Hearing and deafness
 Hearing aids and how to get one
 Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
 Dizziness and vertigo
 Infections of the ear
 Glue ear
 Perforated ear drum
 Cholesteatoma / mastoid operations
 Meniere's disease
 Ear trauma by cellphone,slapping,accidents

Conditions of the throat:
 Adenoid surgery
 Tonsil surgery
 Sore throat
 Bad breath (halitosis)
 Hoarseness and laryngitis
 Snoring and obstructive sleep apneoa.
Conditions of the nose:
 Sinus infection (sinusitis)
 Rhino-sinusitus in children
 Rhino-sinusitis and dairy allergy
 Nasal injuries
 Nasal polyps
 Tumors of the nose
 Nasal obstructions
 Surgery on the nose - Rhinoplasty
 Surgery on the nose - Septal surgery
 Functional Endoscipic Sinus Surgery (FESS).

Conditions of the head and neck:
 Facial skin lesions
 Head and neck cancer
 Parotid surgery
 Submandibular gland surgery
 Neck dissections Thyroid surgery.

Outpatient has all modern ENT facilities

Video Otoscopy
Pure tone audiometry
Impedence Audiometry 
BERA Brain stem evoked response audiometry
OAE Oto acoustic evoked response audiometry
Hearing assessment for children

Nasal Endoscopy
Allergy Testing
X ray


Video laryngoscopy
Fibre optic laryngoscopy
Speech therapy 

Thereis in-house Pharmacy with all ENT medications and related products

How to reach us:
The hospital is situated on the west end of Cowley Brown Road R.S Puram 
Coimbatore which is famous for hospitals and clinics in the city. It is located very next to 
R.S.Puram ulavar shndhai a well known landmark. the Cowley brown Rd is easily 
accessible from Mettupalayam Road and Thadagam Road.Vehicle parking available

For appointments Click to E-mail or
Phone : 0422 2552592 ,    2550157